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Getting Rid of Hot Spots in Your Home

Few things frustrate homeowners more than the presence of hot spots in their house. Hot spots are areas that are not reached by the cooling power of the home’s existing AC, making those rooms very uncomfortable. Some people try to combat this problem by lowering their thermostat, but all this does is raise energy bills and make the other spaces in your home colder than they should be.

How to Deal with Hot Spots in Your Home

When you find that some spots in your home are warmer than others even when your home’s AC is functioning properly, there are a few things you can do. The solution to this problem is actually dependent on where the hot spot is located. Here are some examples of areas that are prone to hot spots and how you can fix them:

Getting Rid of Hot Spots in Your Home

  • Rooms with high ceilings – A high ceiling makes a room larger, which in turn requires more cooling power to keep the room cool. To remedy this, you have two choices. You can have a ceiling fan installed to help with the cooling problem here or you can have a separate AC installed just for these high-ceilinged rooms.
  • Rooms with large windows – Having large windows allows a lot of natural light into your home. What it also lets in is a lot of heat during the warmer times of the day, causing the room to become warmer than it should be even with air-conditioning. To remedy this, you should have blinds or shades installed over these windows. During the warmest times of the day, you should close these shades or blinds to limit the amount of sunlight and heat coming into the room.
  • Rooms on the second floor – Rooms that are located on the second floor of a home are also prone to hot spots and this is because warm air is lighter than cold air. This means that warm air will rise to the top, making rooms on the upper floors of your home more prone to hot spots. You might need to install another AC system for your home's upper floor or improve your current system to remedy this.

Other issues that create hot spots in your home include duct leaks, thermostat location, lack of proper insulation, and the size of your AC system. To solve the problem of hot spots, you need to address the issues that produce these in your home.

For example, if the problem is duct leaks, you need to have your ducts sealed to help solve this issue. If the problem is with the placement of your thermostat, you can move this someplace where it can serve your cooling efforts better, or you can choose to have a mini-split system installed in your home for the convenience of having multiple thermostats and internal units.

Trust the Pros from Protocool to Cool Down Your Hot Spots

Whatever the case may be, when you need to address the issue of hot spots in your home in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, you first need to find the source of the problem. An important first step toward solving this problem is to contact Protocool Cooling Solutions, the go-to specialist for HVAC issues throughout our South Florida. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 954-210-5303 and we will send over one of our specialists to help you determine the cause of these hot spots and to offer solutions.