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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your AC

spring cleaning tips for your ac

When winter is over and spring begins, people everywhere start the annual ritual of uncluttering their homes in what is called spring cleaning. The same approach should also be applied to your AC system to keep it in peak condition. Spring cleaning for your AC should be part of your annual HVAC maintenance plan.

Cleaning your AC should be done on an established schedule. Neglecting to keep your AC clean will only create the possibility of damage and costly repairs, especially if you fail to clean your unit before summer begins.

What to Do With Your AC Before Summer Starts

To ensure your AC works as well as it should when the warm summer months arrive, you should perform these maintenance tasks:

Replace your AC filter regularly – Filters help keep dirt and debris from getting into your home via your AC. If your filters are dirty and clogged, you won’t get the kind of cooling you expect and your AC will work harder than it should while cooling your home. This translates to higher energy consumption and higher energy bills.

Replacing your AC’s filter should be done every three to six months. More frequent changes may be necessary for the summer months or in homes with pets or residents with allergies.

Have your AC tuned up – It is wise to have your unit checked and maintained by a professional AC technician to ensure that it is clean and ready for use in the warm summer months. They will check coolant levels, clean the condenser and evaporator coils, check the AC’s thermostat, and take a look at all other parts that may need cleaning or repairs.

Ensure your outdoor unit is taken care of – In addition to checking for dirt and debris, you need to make sure the area around your outdoor unit is free from landscaping and other issues that could impede its operation. To make sure that your AC won’t be damaged by lack of proper air flow and debris from shrubbery, have the bushes trimmed to allow at least a foot of space around the unit.

In Fort Lauderdale, FL, when you need help with your spring AC maintenance and cleaning needs, Protocool Cooling Solutions is the company to call. We specialize not only in AC installation and AC repair, but we also do scheduled AC maintenance, to help homeowners keep their ACs in tiptop shape. To ensure that your AC is ready for the onslaught of summer, all you need to do is to contact us at 954-210-5303 and we will help you with your AC spring cleaning needs.