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Customer Solutions Provided
Judy & Cliff G.
Hollywood, FL
August 16, 2019

The technician arrived to the client's home and proceeded to cycle off the power, remove the blower housing and then remove the blower motor. After separating the blower wheel housing, the tech cleaned the blower wheel and housing with a special acid solution. They also cleaned the blower compartment and the wiring in the compartment. After the cleaning was done, the tech reassembled the blower housing, wheel and motor, making sure to reconnect all the wiring to the proper terminal designations. Finally, the technician cycled the power back on and made sure the system was running properly.

Edgar M.
Hollywood, FL
August 13, 2019

The technician arrived to the client's home later that afternoon and found the compressor was not running. After thorough investigation, the tech found a failed capacitor. With the client's aprroval, the capacitor was replaced, the system was checked to make sure everything was working as it should, and the client's cooling was restored.

Sandra H.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
July 10, 2019

The technician arrived to the home to find that while the air conditioner was cooling properly, the client felt there wasn't enough air flow. The tech found the a/c running on low speed. With the clients approval, the technician reset the blower speed to high to increase the air flow and satisfy the needs of the client.

Mike S.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
July 10, 2019

When the technician arrived to the home, they found that the client had pulled the float switch themselves to provide temporary cooling. The technician found the drain line clogged, and with the client's permission, performed a drain service. After clearing the drain pan and the drain line, the system was once again cooling and draining properly.

Mario B.
Plantation, FL
July 4, 2019

The technician was able to determine that the thermostat was defective and causing the unit to not shut off at the right time. After replacing the thermostat, the a/c cooled and cycled off properly.

Edward C.
Coconut Creek, FL
June 26, 2019

The technician determined that the blower motor had failed and would need to be replaced. They were able to temporarily restore the cooling, while the customer waited for the replacement to be installed. After returning the next day, the tech installed the new blower motor and the a/c was running and cooling again.

Boca Raton, FL
June 14, 2019

We replaced their existing unit with a Trane 17 Seer AC unit that was more energy efficient and will save them money over the long run. They were very happy with the cooling power of their new unit.

Linda & Marshall R.
Coral Springs, FL
June 6, 2019

Our technician arrived to the home to find the air handler running but the condensing unit was not. Upon further investigation, the tech found that there was insufficient power at the condensing unit caused by a defective condensate pump that was full of water causing the safety switch to engage shutting off the low voltage power to the unit. With the client's approval, the tech replaced the condensate pump and tested the system for proper operation. The system was once again cooling and draining properly, and the pump was operating properly as well.

Qulin M.
Miramar, FL
May 29, 2019

When the tech found that the outside fan motor was not running, they were able to determine that an electrical component in the condenser fan had failed. After replacing the dual capacitor, we were able to restore the cooling on the same visit.

Norwood & Patricia H.
Plantation, FL
May 3, 2019

When the tech arrived at the client's home, they found the breaker turned off. After turning it back on, they heard the sizzling sound the client heard. They tested the breaker, and also found that the a/c system was not receiving sufficient voltage from the breaker. With the client's approval, the technician replaced the defective breaker. After installing and testing, the client's a/c was once again cooling properly.

Norberto E.
Miramar, FL
May 2, 2019

Our technician arrive at the client's home and found the system running. They found no water in the float switch housing, but found the operating temperatures were below normal operating levels. With the client's approval, the tech performed an electronic leak search and found an unrepairable leak in the evaporator coil. The client approved the procurement and replacement of the evaporator coil. The technician was able to replace the coil the same afternoon and restore the client's cooling.

Kim M.
Tamarac, FL
April 8, 2019

We sent one of our technicians to the clients home the same day to evaluate the system. The technician determined the drain line was clogged. After clearing the drain line, the a/c system was cooling and draining properly.

Constance H.
Pembroke Pines, FL
April 2, 2019

Our technician cleaned the homeowners drain pan, drain line, and coil. He checked all electrical and refrigerant readings, making sure they were within the manufacturer's recommended levels. The technician suggested installing a time delay to protect the compressor from short cycling, which he installed with the clients approval.

Amy & Ed O.
Tamarac, FL
April 1, 2019

Our expert installers arrived to the clients home and removed the existing a/c system and replaced it with a brand new Trane 16 SEER system. At the client's request, they reused the existing NEST thermostat.

Marina C.
Weston, FL
March 29, 2019

During the semiannual a/c maintenance appointment, the technician discovered a fungal growth on the client's blower wheel and suggested having it cleaned. During the blower cleaning appointment, the technician thoroughly cleaned the blower assembly, the blower housing, and the fan motor. While there, the technician also installed a fan motor surge protector to protect the motor from power surges, as recommended during the semiannual maintenance.

Heather M.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
March 18, 2019

After evaluating the a/c unit, the technician discovered that the drain pan was full of algae and there was no safety switch installed that would shut off the unit in the presence of a water leak. With the client's approval, the technician cleaned the drain pan and the drain line and installed the safety float switch.

Stacey L.
Miramar, FL
March 1, 2019

The technician arrived at the client's home to diagnose the source of the grinding noise coming from the inside unit. The technician discovered the unit was freezing up and the noise was coming from the blower. While there was power going to the motor, it was malfunctioning. With the client's approval, the technician procured a brand new motor and returned to the client's home to install it. After checking the new motor's operation, all readings were within the manufacturers recommended ranges.

Michael & Chris W.
Coral Springs, FL
February 26, 2019

After a consultation with one of our experienced Comfort Consultants, the client chose a Trane 4 ton, 16 SEER system with electric heat. Our expert installers arrived at the client's home, removed the existing system, and installed the new system. Two grilles in the client's kitchen and office were also replaced.

Kevin F.
Cooper City, FL
February 15, 2019

When the tech arrived, they inspected the filter, drain pan, and float switch. The filter was clean and dry, the drain pan had minimal water in it, and the float switch was dry. The tech investigated further and found one of the PVC pipes had a crack in it, causing water to run down the drain line and drip onto the floor. With the client's approval, the technician replace the cracked pipe and the system is no longer leaking water.

Amy & Edward O.
Tamarac, FL
February 12, 2019

The technician performed a one time maintenance on the client's two a/c systems. The drain pans were cleaned and pan tabs were added to aid in keeping it clean. The drain lines were cleared with nitrogen. The technician checked and recorded all of the electrical and refrigerant readings. The client approved the installation of a surge protector for the indoor motor to protect it from power surges, as well as replacing the refrigerant line filter, which were among the recommendations made by the technician.

Frank W.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
January 8, 2019

During the course of the maintenance appointment, the technician discovered that the blower motor has failed and would need to be replaced. After locating the motor at a local supplier, the tech was able to quickly return to the client's home and install the new motor. After installation, the tech was able to complete the maintenance and make sure everything else was operating within the manufacturer's specifications.

Mayra T.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
January 3, 2019

Upon arriving at the client's home, our expert technician inspected the a/c and discovered that the compressor was not running because a capacitor and wire had burned up. After replacing the capacitor and wire, the technician was able to get the system running again, however the system was old and struggling, with the compressor running at its maximum capacity. Because of this, it was recommended that the unit be replaced. After a consultation with one of our experienced Comfort Consultants, the client chose to have a brand new Trane 3.5 ton 16 SEER air conditioning system with electric heat installed by our experienced installers.

Mayra T.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
January 2, 2019

After meeting with one of our Comfort Consultants, the client chose to replace their old a/c with a new 3.5 ton Trane system. Our installation techs removed the old system and installed the new system.

Lisa & Dominique R.
Pembroke Pines, FL
December 21, 2018

The technician arrived at the home to find the a/c was turned off. When they turned the unit back on, they instantly heard the shrieking sound reported by the client. After turning off the system, the tech removed the blower to inspect it further. They found that the blower wheel was rubbing on the blower housing, and was damaged by it. The damaged blower wheel was replaced by the technician. After reconnecting the wiring and testing the blower wheel's operation, the system once again was once again cooling properly and not shaking or making any unusual noises.

Eugene R.
Hollywood, FL
December 12, 2018

The technician completed the maintenance that includes a 50 point check that includes a safety check and performance check. The client provided a clean filter, which the technician changed for them. Due to the time of the year, the heater was also tested and inspected. The technician tested and recorded all electrical and refrigerant readings to make sure they were all within the manufacturers recommended levels.

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