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Reviews for PROTOCOOL

Reviews for Protocool Cooling Solutions

WAIT... Can We Borrow Just One More Minute?

Reviewed By: Eric B
Location: Miramar, FL

Comment To whom it may concern:

We would like to share the good experience we recently had with PROTOCOOL. When considering replacing our central air conditioning system, we checked with the Better Business Bureau as a resource to find a good contractor. After evaluating several options, we selected PROTOCOOL to replace our system.

During the installation, the technicians showed care for our home and even put down plastic on the floor to protect it. Unfortunately the floor was inadvertently damaged. This is where we would find out if we really chose the right contractor.

PROTOCOOL immediately offered to take care of the flooring repair. Although we told them they did not have to call our flooring contractor, they insisted, wanting to make sure we would be happy with the finished product.

We were very happy PROTOCOOL had our flooring company come out and replaced all of the bamboo flooring for our upstairs hallway at NO CHARGE to us.

We highly recommend PROTOCOOL to anyone looking for an air conditioning contractor they can trust to do the right things.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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