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Reviews for PROTOCOOL

Reviews for Protocool Cooling Solutions

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Reviewed By: Thomas P
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Comment My family has a condominium in Deerfield Beach, FL and our "Seasoned A/C Unit" stopped working suddenly during a Hot week in December. Because I was traveling on business & I'm the handy man in our family, I was unable to check to see if all that would be required was a fuse replacement as in the past. That being said I called 3 or 4 Heating & Air-conditioning service companies in the area and without even inspecting our unit, because of the age I was told each time they couldn't or wouldn't service our A/C Unit, and it would have to be replaced. I was equally frustrated with their response that there would be a delay in replacing the unit ranging from 4 days to 10 days, and in addition, when I inquired about receiving a written estimate, the companies I spoke with would only give me a verbal estimate over the phone.

I was very alarmed by the rubber stamp story line I was consistently being told & decided to research further on the internet, and my persistent search paid off when I had the luck of contacting Chris P. @ Protocool Cooling Solutions.

Chris was extremely receptive to my call as I requested an expedited service call, and further inquired if PCS would be open to diagnosing the cause of the performance problem associated with our A/C Unit and potentially repairing the unit instead of replacing it.

Chris addressed all of my questions, and sent a very competent & polite service technician named John to our location that afternoon. John called me from his cell phone and identified the root cause of the performance problem with our Seasoned A/C Unit, and explained specifically what he found wrong, including texting me a picture of the control module switch & wiring that had evidently shorted out during the recent storm.

John then provided me with a ballpark estimate to make the repairs yet that evening, which was followed by a phone call from Chris confirming the repair price John quoted, which Chris then promptly emailed me a detailed invoice, which I in-turn paid via credit card over the phone.

It is important to bring to your attention that approximately 10 days after the repairs were made Chris gave me a call to check if the A/C Unit was functioning to our satisfaction, and during that conversation with Chris I requested that he send me a written estimate should we choose to replace the A/C unit in the future.

Chris did email me the estimate I requested that day, and it should be pointed out that Chris's PCS estimate was significantly less expensive that the other verbal estimates I received from the other Heating & A/C companies I spoke with.

We are a VERY Happy Customer, plan to commission PCS to replace our existing A/C Unit in the future, and will Highly recommend PCS to anyone searching to find a Cordial, Honest & Reactive Heating & A/C company, that has Competent Qualified Service Technicians that are Attentive in providing you potential solution options rather than the common industry response of "The unit will have to be replaced"! Hope this long winded recommendation was helpful
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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