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Professional HVAC Services in North Miami Beach, FL by Protocool Cooling Solutions

North Miami Beach, FL is a city located in Miami-Dade County with a population of 41,523 according to the 2010 census. Like the rest of Florida, it’s almost always warm in North Miami Beach. However, the cooling costs in the city is higher compared to the rest of the state on average. The average temperature in the city is also higher at 76.2 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s hard to imagine life in North Miami Beach without a well-functioning air conditioning system. 

The good news is that Protocool Cooling Solutions offers its heating and cooling services in North Miami Beach. We know that when your air conditioner breaks down, you need it fixed as soon as possible. Because the Florida climate makes air conditioners a necessity and not a luxury. You can contact us at any time. We have a 24/7 service that’s also available 365 days a year. All our technicians are NATE-certified so you can be sure that we only perform high-quality work. But our biggest advantage is that we earn our business mainly through word of mouth. This means that we have to do our absolute best to make you happy enough with our service that you’ll recommend us to your family and friends. 

Services Offered by Protocool Cooling Solutions in North Miami Beach

Our goal is to make you comfortable. That’s why we have built our services around HVAC - heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. We specialize in new installation and repair of air conditioners but we have many services centered around your comfort. 

Air Conditioning Services - With new installations, we only work with the best manufacturers. We learned from our years of experience that when you only use reputable brands, you will be able to enjoy years of trouble-free comfort. We can guide in choosing the best options for your particular cooling needs. For repair and maintenance, we can work on any brand or model. And we work quickly to keep you comfortable. 

Heating Solutions - Being comfortable means maintaining optimal temperatures. There are times when you just need a heating system even in Florida. You can rely on Protocool for reliable installation, maintenance, and repair of various heating systems. 

Duct Work - No HVAC system will be truly optimized without a well-installed, well-maintained duct system. Your duct system is where the heated or cooled air travels through to reach their destinations. You want to keep your duct system clean and well-sealed if you don’t want the heated or cooled air to be blocked or to escape. Leaky and dirty duct systems will task your HVAC system and cost you money. Call us today to schedule a check-up. 

Contact Protocool Cooling Solutions Today

Avoid having to endure Florida heat. Contact us before your air conditioning system breaks down. You can rely on our maintenance work. We also do new installations and repair. To speak to a representative, please call 954-210-5303. You can also visit our Contact Us page. 

Customer Reviews from North Miami Beach
Jennifer E from North Miami Beach, FL
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Aug 6th, 2019
I’m so in love with this company! We were without a/c for two weeks because of a broken fan motor. Two weeks. In the summer. In Miami.

We were trying to the get the part on our own and have someone put it In. When that didn’t work out, a friend recommended this company. SUCH a good experience from beginning to end. They went out of their way to get the job done quickly. We called them on a Friday afternoon, and by Saturday morning we had a/c again!!! The office staff was on top of things and kept us informed. The technician called ahead to be sure we were there and arrived exactly on time. He replaced the part, checked the system, and didn’t try to sell us any other service. Less than a day after we called, we had our a/c back. 5 stars no doubt!!!!!!
Estimate Requests from North Miami Beach
David B. on July 2, 2017 10:10:41am
central A/C not producing enough air flow to cool the house. Need to speak to a representative about the details.
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